Sat-Ed on CNN
Sat-Ed is proud to have been profiled by CNN and other major media outlets... (Read more..)
Sat-Ed on Satellite Evolution distance learning "bring down the boundaries" if not now when...
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Comercial Roll Out
Khoh Si in Sakonakon we start First Comercial " Sat-Ed Learning Cafe " .. (Read more..)
Sat-Ed Digital Library for school
Banbankapi School we make Digital Library " Sat-Ed Digital Library " .. (Read more..)
Learning Cafe in Bangkok Post news
Learning in the "Learning Cafe " Rural centres use iPSTAR satellite technology.. (Read more..)
Learning Cafe at Sakonakon
18th March, 2006. The first Learning Cafe was established at Sakonnakon, a small village in Thailand.. (Read more..)

National Radio Thailand Interview with Sat-Ed

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