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Core products

Sat-Ed has developed a technical solution that allows Universal Digital Access to PC and TV, called
the Sat-Ed Digital Library. You wouldn’t hire a teacher who speaks, stops for 10 seconds, speaks for 5 seconds and stops again, but traditional internet delivers education like that! Don’t’ accept that anymore.

Sat-Ed Digital Library Concept

The Digital Library
- Content repository
- A site exactly like a normal library, except all content is digital
- Like a normal library, INSTANT access to content regardless of internet connection
- A school or village with minimal internet access can have ultra high speed access to content

Digital Library Management Control System
- Pushing, pulling, and security of content
- The Librarian, removes old content,
- Sends new content to all sites

All of this is now replaced by one low cost device capable of servicing over 25 computers
PLUS 12 VoD Television’s or a mix of VoD and Streaming TV Channels

Education is predictive most of the time
Multicast the same content to all sites, allow unicast internet access when required

Advantages of Multicast
- Ubiquitous coverage
- Broadcast capability; multiple sites from a single transmission
- Huge cost savings
- Rapid deployment
- Remote & rural areas receive; Broadband Content
- Scalable; low and high speed data and asymmetric channels
Advantages of Unicast
- Allows High Speed internet
- Using latest technologies low cost compared to traditional VSAT Solutions

The Sat-Ed Digital Library
- Technology should be about gaining results.
- The Sat-Ed Digital Library, your Education facility WILL see improved results from students accessing digital Content
- With a traditional internet connection, too many PC’s are placed on the internet connection. With the Sat-Ed Digital Library you no longer need to limit access!

The Digital Library in Schools Massive Bandwidth Saving

VSAT Vs VSAT with the Sat-Ed Digital Library solution Cost Savings
Assuming 10% Live Access to Content

The power of Video on Demand
- Teachers are scared technology will replace them. The Sat-Ed Digital Library makes them BETTER teachers
- VOD; Not all schools have unlimited resources. But the Sat-Ed Digital Library gives teachers a tool and a library of video clips to illustrate their lesson’s
- Video used as a Teachers tool in the USA, showed remarkable improvement in students ability and DESIRE to learn. (Illustration from the Jasper Project)

Content Security
Sat-Ed Provides Security at many levels, From the transmission of the content, to providing levels of access in the schools
- Protect, STOP, Allow
- Protect the Transmission
- Stop unwanted browsing
- Allow levels of access, Headmaster access Exam Papers, Students access student papers.